Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the All New Edition more expensive than the Classic Edition?

    The All New Edition includes a number of added features and considerable improvements to the design and capabilities of the program.

  2. When I purchased my Classic Edition, I was promised a free update. Is that the same as a free upgrade to the All New Edition?

    No, an update and an upgrade are not the same thing. Program updates in the Classic Edition were bug fixes and GST changes, etc. When updates to the Classic Edition became availalbe, all users were given the program updates.

  3. Do I have to have a network to have multiple users on STUDIOMAN?

    Yes, if you wish to have multiple users viewing and editing the information in STUDIOMAN simultaneously, the computers must be networked. Please contact us for guidance in setting up a network. You do not have to have a network if you do not need the program to run on more than one computer.

  4. After the 60 days of free support expires, how do I get support if I need it? What is the cost?

    With regular usage of the program, we anticpate that our customers will likely identify any technical difficulties they may have well before their 60 day support period ends. After your 60 days of free technical support expires, the minimum charge for technical support over the phone is $30 + tax. You may use our free web support options to contact us with your technical questions any time.  No charges will apply as long as the solution to your technical questions can also be provided over the web.  Depending on the technical issue, additional charges may apply at our consulting rate of $110 + tax per hour.