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STUDIOMAN v1.6 -- Released May 27, 2011

Installation Instructions

studioMAN documentation

Release Notes

studioMAN User Manual

Restoring studioMAN databases

Instructions for restoring studioMAN databases

studioMAN restore database

Reinstalling studioMAN

Instructions for reinstalling studioMAN

Please read the instruction in the above link before attempting to re-install studioMAN using the files below.


studioMAN setup.msi

Customer Support

Your STUDIOMAN purchase includes 60 days of free support, a free user manual and a number of video tutorials which explain the basic and advanced features of STUDIOMAN. If you cannot find the answer to your technical question in the user manual or video tutorials, we encourage you to access one of our technicians using live chat (when available) or email.

After your 60 days of free technical support expires, the minimum charge for technical support over the phone is $30 + tax. This $30 charge will billed for all telephone conversations. Depending on the technical issue, additional charges may apply at our consulting rate of $110 + tax per hour.

Note that you may email us with your technical questions any time and no charges will apply as long as the solution can also be provided over email.